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Why only for men?

The distillate im Arnsberger Juniperus+ Distillate is a concentrate of efficacious herbs in a composition designed to alleviate the widely occurring and well-known age- or stress-conditioned urinating discomforts and erectile dysfunctions of men and to have a positive effect on their overall feeling of well-being.

!!! We must make clear that our Arnsberg Juniper + Distillate is designed for men. Here we naturally do not wish to discriminate against but to warn women. Because with women the wish to urinate brought about could certainly not bring about a sense of well-being !!!

Arnsberg Juniper + Distillate is a juniper spirit in best gin or genever quality with 37.5 % alcohol by volume. This is employed as medium for the herb distillate not least because the gin or genever - precisely due to the juniper - positively supports the effect of the herb concentrate. The combination of high-quality alcohol and our herb distillate gives the pleasant and beneficial herbal spirit.

Alcohol is employed as the medium for herbal extracts in the very widest range of homeopathic and medicinal products, for example in cough syrup. In earlier times the herbs were prepared first of all in carboys. With the setting up of our own distillate production plant, we are now in a position to offer the efficacious herb distillate not only in our Arnsberg Juniper + Distillate but also in non-alcoholic form or as a herb mixture for teas and juices.

And this is where the family's own formulation for the herb distillate comes from:

Franz Anton Schauerte brought the formulation for the distillate back with him on returning from a prisoner-of-war camp in France in 1918. He had got the formulation from a French officer there because he himself and many of his comrades often suffered from a malaise specific for men for unaccountable reasons. Since that time the formulation has helped the men of the family withconsiderable success.

This was the prime reason for manufacturing the distillate from these specially selected herbs in the Bojcum family's own factory in Arnsberg as a herbal distillate and making it available to men as Arnsberg Juniper + Distillate.

Arnsberg Juniper + Distillate is available only either by direct sale at the distillery at Hanstein 4 in Arnsberg or by mail order. Amongst other things, the reasons for this are to enable us to be responsive to our customers and answer any questions they have. A further reason is to enable us to exclude as far as possible within our powers the possibility of alcohol abuse by children, young persons and alcoholics.

In addition we wish by these means to maintain the exclusivity of our Arnsberg Juniper + Distillate and protect it against being copied. Contributing to this aim are also the attractive moss-green glass bottle, the label and the cork with its wooden handle and the emblem of the family-owned factory.

It is our obligation to continuously maintain the high standing of our Arnsberg Juniper + Distillate. For this reason we reserve the right to improve our distillate continuously, to dispense with less effective herbs and to replace these with better and more efficacious ones should these exist.